The most powerful experience of his life…

George Gregoriadis, a Greek journalist, lived for weeks, all that evolved in Idomeni’s field before the final evacuation. “Idomeni, was a school for me. It was a school for the rest of my life, “George told on

Every day, in the mud of Idomeni, he was also looking for human stories to present them to ANT1’s viewers. “I saw people willing to chase their dreams and aspirations,” he said. And that was not easy to distinguish. At the Idomeni Mound, all the refugees looked like themselves. All of them, from far away, looked different from us. “They managed to stand on their feet. It was difficult to share the same tent with ten other people, or sit in the queue for hours in order to get a portion of breakfast or lunch. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life” he concludes. Everyone who remotely looked different from us, when you approached them and get to know them, you were realizing that they were ourselves.



Giorgos Gregoriadis, like all the journalists found in Idomeni, took a lesson of life. To the people they met, they saw themselves. Maybe some have seen their grandparents.  They lived a piece of modern European history and transmitted it to viewers, readers, or listeners.

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