Memories: It is not necessar to write or tell a story. It is important , though, to inspire other people other people with your actions in order to remember you

A Greek-Australian nurse that goes where help is needed

From the earthquakes of Nepal, to Lesbos and then to Idomeni.  And from there, to Iraq. And from there, wherever, help is needed. This is the life of the Greek-Australian nurse, Helen Zachos. I met ...

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The visual representation of Sufferings (in Easter) at Marpessa of Paros

Greek Easter mystic, unique, full of religious traditions and events. Kids and adults use to wear their best clothing to celebrate the renaissance of nature and the Resurrection of our souls. Let’s ...

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When a Friendship Goes beyond the Conflict of Two Nations

  Ioannis Dokmetzoglou was born in the neighbourhood of the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople in 1945. He started school in a four-class grammar school in Balata and then went on to ...

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